My Pursuit of a CFA Charter
Sunday, September 24, 2006
  1 day ahead
I studied, off and on, from about 9:00am till about 5 minutes ago (2:25pm). I got done with BOTH parts of Analysis of Long-Lived Assets. This puts me ahead of schedule by 1 day (I am finished with the 9/25 material). I would say that the TOTAL study time was roughly 4 hrs.

I have accrued 1 study vacation day (you see, I am starting to talk like a damn accountant). I am going to throw it in my back pocket and hold it for later.
My son, "the accountant," ha.

Right now I am over at the Pannikin sitting at a big table with three math guys who are professional software developers for an areospace company. Just a minute ago, I asked them if they were computer programers and they said yes and started telling me about their math and other degress.

Well, I was trying to study ebay stuff today and the first thing I did was try to deal with (get reacquainted with my PayPal account--that I had never used). But I had opened in with earlier email account--and I spent I don't know how long calling them back three (or four) times to resolve stupid stuff. I'm in kind of a snarly mood at the moment and I can't believe it is already almost 6:00 p.m.

Well, bye for now.
Your mother, the frustated techie
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