My Pursuit of a CFA Charter
Wednesday, September 13, 2006
  80 and 48!
So, there are 80 days left until the test, but our finish reading the material deadline is at the end of October, which is in 48 days.

We all met in the library tonight. I was a little late and didn't show up till 6:30. I put in a good 3.5 hrs. I didn't bring my laptop or backpack. Just the notes, a highligher, a pen and my calculator.

I was able to read and absorb the information pretty quickly on an introductory level, meaning taking the end-of-chapter test was a little more difficult. I am not trying to master the information, as I was doing before our 1st class. I am trying to simply understand or be aware of it - then jump to the next subject.

Again, I figure that I will do over 100 hours of practice testing during November, which will fine tune the knowledge.
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