My Pursuit of a CFA Charter
Wednesday, September 20, 2006
  Cash flow and 41
I was a little ahead of schedule tonight. I had already read the Analysis of Cash Flows. It turns out that reading and fully understanding are two different thingies...

I spent about 2.5 hours tonight going over the end-of-chapter Cash Flow questions. What a pain! I was surprised at how little I had retained from the readings. Anyway, I think I've got it now.

I started Analysis of Financial Statements. My only comment is, "CRAP!" There are a ton of ratios I need to learn, and it is due tomorrow. I may have to use some extra Saturday time to cover this stuff.

So, for now, I am about 1 hour of reading ahead of schedule, but I assume I will be falling behind due to the Analysis of Financial Statements. Fortunately, the class next Tuesday will cover this AND I am taking a 9-5 Saturday class on the subject in October.

I have 41 days left before all the readings need to be completed. *Gulp*
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