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Wednesday, September 20, 2006
  Class and Schedule
Our second class was last night. The instructor taught most of the Quant stuff. It was a good review.

It's kinda like taking a large class in college. There are 200 students and no class time for a bunch of questions. Fortunately, the guy will personally answer any question sent to him via email (he will actually call you back).

Anyway, I have to go to the library in about 30 mins, so I figure I would post my newest schedule (excluding Tuesdays and Fridays). I created this in excel, and it is a pain-in-the-ass to convert to HTML.
I first have to copy it to MS Word then save as filtered HTML. Next, I have to open it in notepad to remove all the crap the MSFT adds to the code. Then I run it through TIDY HTML to properly format. Finally, I have to copy the code back to MS Word and remove all the newlines (cuz this blog automatically adds <br> in place of \n).

Again, a real pain-in-the-ass. So enjoy!

TitleTotal PagesDue Date
Framework for Financial Statement Analysis89/17/2006
Long-Term Assets89/17/2006
Accounting Income and Assets: The Accrual Concept299/17/2006
The Statement of Cash Flows89/18/2006
Analysis of Cash Flows269/20/2006
Future FASB Changes and the Analytical Challeges of GAAP39/20/2006
Analysis of Financial Statements299/21/2006
Dilutive Securities and Earnings per Share209/23/2006
Financial Shenanigans69/23/2006
Analysis of Inventories259/24/2006
Analysis of Long-Lived Assets: Part I - The CapitalizationDecision139/24/2006
Analysis of Long-Lived Assets: Part II - Analysis ofDepreciation and Impairment209/25/2006
Analysis of Income Taxes169/27/2006
Analysis of Financing Liabilities149/27/2006
Leases and Off-Balance-Sheet Debt209/28/2006
An Overview of Financial Management39/28/2006
The Cost of Capital139/30/2006
The Basics of Capital Budgeting139/30/2006
Cash Flow Estimation and Other Topics in Capital Budgeting1710/1/2006
Risk Analysis and the Optimal Capital Budget710/1/2006
Capital Structure and Leverage1710/2/2006
Dividend Policy1110/2/2006
Organization and Functioning of Securities Markets1210/4/2006
Security-Market Indicator Series1010/4/2006
Efficient Capital Markets1110/4/2006
An Introduction to Security Valuation2110/5/2006
Stock Market Analysis and Industry Analysis810/5/2006
Equity: Concepts and Techniques510/7/2006
Company Analysis and Stock Valuation510/7/2006
Technical Analysis1110/7/2006
Introduction to Price Multiples1010/8/2006
Alternative Investments2010/8/2006
The Investment Settings810/9/2006
The Asset Allocation Decision510/9/2006
An Introduction to Portfolio Management2010/11/2006
An Introduction to Asset Pricing Models1610/11/2006
Features of Debt Securities1210/12/2006
Risks Associated with Investing in Bonds1810/12/2006
Overview of Bond Sectors and Instruments1810/14/2006
Understanding Yield Spreads1410/15/2006
Introduction to the Valuation of Debt Securities1210/15/2006
Yield Measures, Spot Rates, and Forward Rates2410/16/2006
Introduction to the Measurement of Interest Rate Risk1910/18/2006
Derivative Markets and Instruments410/18/2006
Forward Markets and Contracts1010/18/2006
Futures Markets and Contracts1110/19/2006
Option Markets and Contracts2210/21/2006
Swap Markets and Contracts1110/21/2006
Risk Management and Applications of Option Strategies1010/21/2006
Economics: Macroeconomic Analysis The Basics2010/22/2006
Economic Fluctuations, Unemployment, and Inflation610/22/2006
Fiscal Policy1110/23/2006
Money and the Banking System510/23/2006
Modern  Macroeconomics: Monetary Policy710/23/2006
Stabilization Policy, Output, and Employment2410/25/2006
Demand and Consumer Choice1710/26/2006
Costs and the Supply of Goods910/26/2006
Price Takers and the Competitive Process1010/28/2006
Price-Searchers Markets with Low Entry Barriers610/28/2006
Price-Searchers Markets with High Entry Barriers1010/28/2006
The Supply of and Demand for Productive Resources610/28/2006
The Financial Environment: Markets, Institutions, and InterestRates910/29/2006
Gaining from International Trade1010/29/2006
Foreign Exchange1810/30/2006
Foreign Exchange Parity Relations810/30/2006
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