My Pursuit of a CFA Charter
Monday, September 25, 2006
  half and half
I met Kurt at the Library @ around 6:00pm. We studied until about 8 and then he had to leave. He was pretty sick (has been for the last three week with some cold he can't kick; everyone has been battling it).

I came home and read for another 2hrs until 10pm. I finished two more sections: Analysis of Income Taxes and Analysis of Financing Liabilities. Both were a little more difficult than I wanted to them to be...
I hope Kurt starts feeling better. I know it must be harder to study (and retain what he's studied) when he is battling a crummy cold.

Regarding "Income Tax analysis," I wrote an article for Secure Retirement on income taxes but I wonder what income tax "analysis" is.

Well, bye for now,
Love, Mom
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