My Pursuit of a CFA Charter
Sunday, October 08, 2006
  Back to the books
I took yesterday off and did some coding that I needed to get done for work. I was able to complete a major project that I thought would take several days (integrating my market scanner report into the descriptive stats report). Now, the traders that use the service will get one all-inclusive report, instead of three separate reports. I coded the stuff for about 7 hours yesterday. I was done by 5:00pm and then relaxed with my wife and watched TV.

I still have a major project at work (transcript pusher) that I need to complete, but I have to maintain my studies. I am now 2 days ahead of schedule. I figure that during the week I can get that up to 3 then take off next Saturday to finish the transcript pusher.

I studied for about 4 hours today and got finished with everything through An Introduction to Asset Pricing Models, which is the last section in book 4 of the Schweser notes. Tomorrow I start on book 5 titled Debt Investments and Derivative Investments.

Since it is only about 1:30pm, I am going to work on the transcript project for a couple of hours then relax for the remainder of my weekend.
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