My Pursuit of a CFA Charter
Sunday, November 05, 2006
  26 days until the exam & 45/120
I have been reviewing for the last several days. I finally finished this evening. As I have been reviewing, I have been speaking the text of the material into my computer and then saving the mp3 files and adding them to iTunes. As you can see, I did quite an extensive review. The total recording time equals 16.7 hours!

I can now transfer all my voice notes to my iPod for further review if necessary. Basically, over the last 7 or so days, I reread nearly ALL of the material. It was good to refresh myself on all the older subjects.

Did it help? I am not sure!!! Tonight Kurt, Craig and I went to the library @ 1:00pm and did our first practice exam. We limited the time to each question to only 45 seconds. There were 120 questions on the practice exam and I only got 45 correct. Ughh! I have to admit I skipped many questions because of the time constraint. Some of the ethics questions were so long that it took 45 seconds just to read them! The practice exam was supposed to take 3 hours and we did it in 1.5. The little timer program that I profiled in my last post worked perfectly (maybe too perfectly). We dreaded hearing the beeps.

Anyway, we are going to go to the library tomorrow to do another practice exam. We will be doing practice tests from now until December 2nd. I think tomorrow we are going to set the timer at 1 minute per question. Hopefully, after many tests, I can get my # correct above 100/120 - and get the timer down to 45 seconds. The deal will be to run through the test at 45 seconds per question then take the remaining 1.5 hours to finish any questions we skipped. Again, I hope I can eventually get 100+ on these exams.

Yesterday, we all went to our FSA class that ran from 9:00am until 5:00pm. It was really good. It was basically a rehash of 3 to 4 of the Tuesday classes we took. It focused on nothing but Financial Statement Analysis, which is the largest component of the exam. In fact, when I did the 1st exam today, my best area was FSA.

Ok, I am tired... I am going to relax and focus on getting my score for tomorrow's practice exam in the 60's.
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