My Pursuit of a CFA Charter
Wednesday, November 01, 2006
  The timer
I didn't study or review this evening. I worked on some code for a new program called the CFA Practice Exam Timer. Recall that my teacher said that we should limit ourselves to 45 seconds per question on the practice tests so we become accustom to the time requirements of the exam. So, I asked a buddy of mine to write a small little program that will help enforce this rule. He was able to generate the thing in about 30 mins!

The application is very simple, it takes two inputs: how many seconds per question and how many questions. When the user clicks on Start, the program will *klank* at the end each question's time interval. At the end of the total allotted time period, the program lets out a nice *buzz*.

My friend Shanker wrote the program. Unfortunately, the *beep* he had written didn't work on my computer for some reason - so I tweaked around with the code a bit (to make the *klank* and *buzz*). I haven't looked at Java for several months, so I had to resort to a couple of my books.

Anyway, this little application will work nicely to help us stay on target with our test taking skills.
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