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Saturday, February 10, 2007
  Starting Level II
I have signed up to take the Level II test on June 2nd, 2007. I heard this test is the most dificult of them all! So, today I start studying. Like studying for the first test, I am going to stick to a strict schedule.

This time, I am going to allow myself six weeks of review. This means that I should be done with all the reading material by April 20th.

As of today, I have 69 until the readings must be completed and 112 days until the test. I am not taking a class and plan to use all Tuesdays and Fridays as vacation days. This means I have roughly 53 days to read and understand all the material. I am using the Schweser notes again. I need to cover about 1145 pages in the 53 days - which means I have to keep a pace of 22 pages per study day.

Here is my full schedule - wish me luck!

TitleTotal Pages   Due Date
Correlation and Regression182/10/2007
Multiple Regression and Issues in Regression Analysis452/12/2007
Economic Growth132/14/2007
Regulation and Antitrust Policy in a Globabilized Economy62/14/2007
The Economic Future of Asia52/14/2007
Foreign Exchange92/15/2007
Foreign Exchange Parity Relations212/17/2007
International Asset Pricing242/18/2007
Measuring Economic Activity52/18/2007
A Natural Experiment in Monetary Policy Covering Three Episodes of Growth and Decline in the Economy and the Stock Market42/18/2007
The Demographic Deficit: How Aging Will Reduce Global Wealth 52/19/2007
Capital Budeting382/21/2007
Cost of Capital142/22/2007
Corporate Governance142/24/2007
Capital Structure and Leverage162/24/2007
Dividends and Dividend Policy152/25/2007
Corporate Restructuring92/26/2007
The Capital Asset Pricing Model182/28/2007
Index Models112/28/2007
Arbitrage Pricing Theory and Multifactor Models of Risk and Return83/1/2007
The Theory of Active Portoflio Management73/1/2007
The Portoflio Management Process and the Investment Policy Statement113/3/2007
Analysis of Intercorporate Investments283/4/2007
Pensions and Other Postretirement Benefits313/5/2007
Mergers, Acquisitions, and Other Intercorporate Investments123/7/2007
Analysis of Multinational Operations353/8/2007
Seeking Sustainable Cash Flow93/10/2007
Is It Operating or Investing Cash Flow?103/10/2007
Is It Operating or Financing Cash Flow?103/11/2007
Nonrecurring Sources and Uses of Operating Cash Flow93/11/2007
Measuring Sustainable Operating Cash Flow83/11/2007
Using Operating Cash Flow to Detect Earnings Problems103/12/2007
Analyzing Operating Cash Flow93/12/2007
Analysis of Financial Stements: A Synthesis293/14/2007
A Note on Asset Valuation13/14/2007
The Equity Valuation Process93/14/2007
Equity: Markets and Insturments 163/15/2007
Swap Contracts, Convertible Securities, and Other Embedded Derivatives - Part I53/15/2007
Equity: Concepts and Techniques223/17/2007
Competitive Strategy: The Core Concepts133/18/2007
Industry Analysis93/18/2007
Valuation in Emerging Markets183/19/2007
Company Analysis and Stock Valuation83/19/2007
ROE Breakout: Rerating Catalyst53/19/2007
Discounted Dividend Valuation473/22/2007
Free Cash Flow Valuation413/24/2007
Market-Based Valuation: Price Multiples363/26/2007
Residual Income Valuation253/28/2007
Secuity Analysis Using Value-Based Metrics143/29/2007
General Principles of Credit Analysis233/31/2007
Term Structure and Volatility of Interest Rates214/1/2007
Valuing Bonds with Embedded Options304/2/2007
Mortgage-Backed Sector of the Bond Market254/4/2007
Asset-Backed Sector of the Bond Market204/5/2007
Valuing Mortgage-Backed and Asset-Backed Securities174/7/2007
Forward Markets and Contracts254/8/2007
Futures Markets and Contracts174/9/2007
Option Markets and Contracts334/11/2007
Swap Markets and Contracts254/14/2007
Interest Rate Derivative Instruments84/14/2007
Swap Contracts, Convertible Securities, and Other Embedded Derivatives - Part II64/14/2007
"Guidance" for Standards I-VII684/18/2007
CFA Institute Soft Dollar Standards64/19/2007
CFA Institue Research Objectivity Standards74/19/2007
The Glenarm Company, Glen A. Holden, Jr.24/19/2007
Preston Partners, Jules A. Huot24/19/2007
Super Selection, Paul F. Van Schyndel34/19/2007
Trade Allocation: Fair Dealing and Dislosure14/19/2007
Case Study: Changing Investment Objectives14/19/2007
Prudence in Perspective54/21/2007
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